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Lauren Breza

Lauren Breza is a senior in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a specific interest in Community Ecology. She is currently working on Solidago (Goldenrod) research in Dr. Aimée Classen's Ecosystems Ecology lab. Two of her favorite experiences as an undergraduate consist of studying abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica and participating in an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) with The University of Notre Dame on Vancouver Island, BC. She also works for the University of Tennessee Outdoor Program (UTOP) and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.  In addition to your typical outdoor sports, Lauren also enjoys riding her bicycle, whether it is commuting to campus or for sport.  After graduation Lauren plans to take time to travel the world where she intends to gain valuable life experience. She will eventually pursue a PhD in Community Ecology.  Contact Lauren at






Lauren Breza

Lauren Breza

Department: EEB